Transition to School


We want to let you know about the fantastic transition to school programme that North Kidz offers all our tamariki.

This programme runs in conjunction with the 4 year old programme that we run at Play Group called ‘Nga Puawai – the blossoming flowers’; it has been developed in consultation with a local primary school and has included research from many different areas.

The aim of this programme is to ensure that children heading off to school from North Kidz have the best possible opportunities when transitioning to school, as we are well aware that starting school is an important milestone for any child. We realise that Parents may be anxious that their child is not prepared and this may often this can result in academic pressure, we want to reassure you that there is no need to worry; some children fall into learning more naturally than others.

Here at North Kidz we believe children learn through play and have developed a programme that ensures children have developed essential skills before heading to school.

Shortly after they begin school new entrants will be assessed by their Teachers. These assessments are called school entry assessments and can take place between four and eight weeks after a child has started school. They access maths, literacy and oral ability and they take the form of games or conversations with the Teacher.

Some ways that you can support your Child’s transition to school are:

  • Supporting trusting separations from your child in the mornings

  • Making your child more independent by tying shoelaces, buttoning their own shirts, zipping and carrying their own bags.

  • Learning to recognise and write their own name.

  • Sitting down to the table to eat food.

  • Reading, reading, reading!

  • Regular Parent feedback in the profile books or with your Educator.


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